Jokowi Stadium Launches International Standard Development Park BMW

Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo launched the construction of the International Stadium Clean Humane Wildlife Authority ( BMW ) on Wednesday ( 05/28/2014 ) .

Stadium with an area of 12 hectares will be used as a football club headquarters in Jakarta .

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" So , to the headquarters of soccer clubs in Jakarta , there is Persija and Persitara , " said Jokowi .

He explained that , before the construction was built , the land would be performed prior maturation .

"Formerly it is swamp land , so after the first maturation matured , and the soil is considered ideal to be built new construction , " he said .

Meanwhile , responding to the persistence of a lawsuit from the residents , Jokowi responded to it with ease. Because, he said , a matter of dispute has been going on for 14 years so it would be sued if it’s okay .

" Obviously we ‘ve been there a certificate , so clear legal status . ‘s Future sued , baseball came three times , the actual intention ‘s baseball , " he said .

The international stadium construction is planned for 2 years ( 2015-2017 ) and as a whole the total budget required for the development of Rp 1.2 trillion .

Later, the stadium will become icons and landmarks which will meet the needs of the community as well as the perpetrators of the sport in the country by providing a variety of recreational facilities of international standard .


Post Burned, 600 Volunteers Jokowi Data Destroyed

People burning Communications Command Post ( Pokra ) in Jalan Sultan Agung , Setiabudi , South Jakarta , Monday ( 26/05/2014 ) around 02:00 pm , assessed is one form of pitting undertaken certain parties .

It is said Reinhard Parapat , chairman of the volunteer post of presidential candidates Joko Widodo , at the location . ” This action is done by people who are not responsible . Want pitting . ‘s Are so provocative action which are not run by a peaceful election , ” said Reinhard to , Monday ( 26/05/2014 ) .

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The most unfortunate thing Reinhard is the destruction of documents that contain all the data Pokra volunteers . In addition to these documents , cabinets , tables , chairs , banners , and the charred floor also engulfed in the flames .

"There ‘s 600 volunteers were enrolled and all of it was charred . Data that is most important . Command Post has been there since a month and every day , there are about 15-30 people who came and wanted to join , " said Reinhard is currently being at the scene .

Reinhard said that , at the time of the incident , the post is empty . Every day , there are actually a volunteer in charge of maintaining the post . Only , on that day , the volunteers go home because his mother was ill .

Reinhard know the news of the fire from residents around the post . For the incident , has been reported to the Police Pokra South Jakarta . He hopes the perpetrator can be arrested for a criminal offense .

Meanwhile , the data regarding the burning volunteers , Reinhard not know what steps will be done Pokra as to call them in order to re-register whenever they do not have a data number.


Still Plenty Road at Route Perforated “Jakarta International 10K”

Jakarta International 10K will be held on Sunday ( 06/08/2014 ) as one of the events commemorating the 487th anniversary of Jakarta . However , potholes are still scattered along the 10 -kilometer route .

" There are at least 18 point potholes , " said Head of Jakarta Sports and Youth Ratiyono , Friday ( 05/23/2014 ) . He also hoped that the Jakarta Public Works Department to immediately repair the road damage .

" It should be fixed soon , because of the international nature of this event and international runners will be there too , " added Ratiyono . "Essentially , the path should be flat and not bumpy . "

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Routes will be skipped are the Jakarta International 10K Monument Street Southwest , Jalan MH Thamrin , Hotel Indonesia roundabout , Jalan Sudirman , and the Semanggi area .

In Clover , will play for the runners back along Jalan Sudirman , the Hotel Indonesia roundabout , Jalan MH Thamrin , and ends at Silang Monas Southwest .

Jakarta International 10K divided into three categories , namely the elite category of international , national elites , and general . Total prizes are up for grabs at Rp 900 million .

According to the draft schedule for the event, the Vice Governor of Jakarta Basuki Purnama Tjahaja runners will take off at 06.30 pm . Ratiyono expect at this year’s Jakarta International 10K could be followed by more participants than similar events in 2013 .


Ahok: “Why” Lease Lawyers, Throw Money alone!

Jakarta Vice Governor Basuki Purnama Tjahaja admitted he would prepare lawyers to anticipate the possibility of the efforts of the former Head of Department of Transportation Udar Pristono to report cases related to rusty bus . Basuki said he was happy when Pristono bold in a brightly lit open the case.

"Why hire a lawyer , just a waste of money . Makin dismantled , the more noise, the more I Amendment . Madder , " said the man who was familiarly called Ahok that , at the City Hall , Thursday ( 05/22/2014 ) .

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Basuki judge , if proven to be corruption on the bus procurement project in 2013 , that is to say , the bus procurement project in the previous year , too .

"I still find that there is a mark-up , meaning that once - used mark - ups are also dong . So , I am nothing to lose really. Cuek course , " he said .

Regarding plans Pristono attorney sued in connection with his statements were considered too cornering Pristono , Ahok admitted that what he says comes from the news that there is in the media .

" The photo spread was not me anyway . Gue do not know where can . Continues stories about Michael Ben who had a relationship ( with Pristono ) to be out of the country from whom? Tempo , " he said .

"I know about Michael to China as well as from reading a magazine Tempo . So , I’m confused , why do not you sue Tempo . Should , if you want to defamation , yes ( accountability ) Tempo , " he said again .

Yesterday , lawyers Pristono , Hasan Basri , Basuki should assess graft investigations that led his client . According to him , the enactment Pristono as suspect can not be separated from Basuki chatter in the media .

Hasan added that the opinion expressed by the impacting Basuki to their clients because of alleged problems without knowing sitting there . The allegations should have been through a process of internal examination in order to know in advance who is at fault in this TransJakarta bus procurement .


Wiranto Select the PDI-P, Hary Tano “hard” to Gerindra

Vice Chairman Gerindra Fadli Zon claimed that the Chairman of the Election Campaign Hanura Hary Tanoesoedibjo will join Gerindra shaft . He said , Hary Tanoe support of presidential candidate pairs Gerindra , Prabowo , and former Minister for Economy Hatta Rajasa as a vice presidential candidate who carried Gerindra .

"God willing, join , there have been discussions , " said Fadli Zon in Polonia House , Jakarta , Monday ( 19/05/2014 ) .

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Vice Chairman Edi Prabowo Gerindra justify the statement . He said the decision to join the shaft Hary Tanoe Gerindra by Hary Tanoe private meeting with Prabowo . ” Yes , indeed they had met some time ago , ” said Edi .

He does not deny that Gerindra can utilize as a means of support Hary Tanoe campaign through the media owned businesses .

Hary support indicates support split between Hanura Chairman Wiranto , who previously paired with Harry Tanoe as presidential candidate and vice presidential candidate from Hanura .

Hanura led Wiranto has been officially declared a coalition with PDI and support the presidential candidate of the PDI - P , Joko Widodo . Jokowi candidates will be paired with Vice President Jusuf Kalla .


Mobile Made Titanium & Gold Rp27 Worth Millions

Mobile Made Titanium & Gold Rp27 Worth Millions

MIAMI - Gresso , an international company that manufactures mobile classroom , has released their latest product lines , luxury smartphone called Radical Black .

Launched via Ubergizmo , Sunday ( 18/05/2014 ) , this product line will consist of several colors , among others , White Gold , Yellow Gold , and Titanium . According to reports , this handset will sell for USD2500 or approximately Rp27 million .

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The ability of this smartphone is quite standard . With a 4.5 -inch qHD display ( 960x540 ) display , a company headquartered in the United States ( U.S.) , embed 1.2GHz quad-core processor . other than that , this phone has a storage capacity of 36GB memory which can not be expanded .

With 8 MP camera , the operating system is selected Jelly Bean Android 4.1.2 . Which makes this handset so expensive lies precisely in its material privileges .

Radical Black R1 , has a phone keypad is made of titanium for USD2500 . R2 and R3 models featuring black titanium key with Gresso logo for 18 carat gold

Thus, when totalized Gresso logo of gold and titanium button , then the price of this smartphone can reach worth USD3000 . Circulating information revealed , the phone will only be made as many as 100 pieces .

No further reported whether the Indonesian market will also get it , but for those of you who are curious , or even want to buy it to immediately go to the official website at .


Subsidies Revoked, Society Must Be Forced to Live in Rusun

Low-income communities ( MBR ) should be forced to live in public housing owned ( Rusunami ) as the removal of subsidies on home loans tread . By doing so no longer need socialization and training to live in flats .

Minister for Housing , Djan Faridz , said that the gathering of reporters at the Ministry of Public Housing ( Kemenpera ) , mortgage -related revocation Housing Finance Liquidity Facility ( KPR FLPP ) for the tread . The revocation will be effective on 1 April 2015 .

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" Why need socialization ? Now people already understand . Period Pak Harto , already 46 years ago , the Indonesian People already living in the flat . Now suddenly ( claimed ) can not stay in the flat . Must be forced , " said Djan to , Tuesday ( 13/05/2015 ) .
According to him , the MBR does have limitations in the choice of residence . Their dependence on government programs , especially subsidies , making the government can direct them to a solution that is more effective than the footprint , ie flats .
Djan also disclose , transfer of subsidy only for rusunami motivated by several things . First , the growth of the Indonesian population is so rapid . Every year , roughly the residential needs of the growing number reached one million units .

Second , the growth is not accompanied by the growth needs of the soil . If any reclamation , only the rich who can enjoy it .
" The best way out of this , flats . I am pro-people , but if the soil growing just for the rich , how ? Yet another traffic jam caused by them if you have to stay away from the city center , plus facilities and infrastructure that must be provided by the government for them , "said Djan .
Djan emphasized , the government does not prohibit the construction and home sales footprint . However , the government will only provide credit facilities for flats . In addition , forest clearing and rice linkage to residential would be bad for the environment .

" From now on , we build flats . We have started , they ( developers ) we asked for wake flats , " said Djan .


HTC M8 Present Color Pink

HTC M8 will continue to be present in various versions . In addition to plastic and miniature versions , this latest Android flagship will offer a more beautiful color variants , namely pink .

HTC M8 looks dashing an earlier version , it will look more feminine and sweet with a tinge of the color pink . Obviously with the addition of these colors , HTC M8 want to target the women .

Quoted from GSM Arena , Friday ( 09/05/2014 ) , HTC M8 Pink will be present this year , but the exact release date is not yet known . HTC previously been shown M8 comes with a red variant .

With the addition of color , now HTC M8 more attractive with various options such as gunmetal gray , Amber Glacial gold and silver .

Display HTC M8 itself already looks quite charming . The phone body section has a variety of grooves , combined with a clear metal stronger and more premium look than plastic phones .

About kitchen runway is also not behind , HTC M8 is arguably one of the fastest Android phones available today . Here are the full specs .

- Display : 5 - inch FHD (1920 × 1080 ) Super LCD 3
- Processor : 2.3 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 ( quad - core )
- Storage : 32 GB internal , microSD up to 128 GB
- RAM : 2 GB
- Camera : Camera Duo ( 4.1 UltraPixel + 2MP cameras depth ) , front camera 5 MP
- Battery : 2,600 mAh ( talk time 21 hours , standby time 21 days )
- Ports : 3.5mm headphone , microUSB ( MHL )
- Connectivity : Bluetooth 4.0 , DLNA , WiFi ( 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac ) , GPS , NFC
- SIM : Nanosim
- Size : 146.3 x 70.6 x 9.35mm ( Read: google adsense )
- Weight : 160g
- Other Features : BoomSound , IR Blaster


Neighbors Regent Homes Burned Kolaka Ludes

The house belongs to Amir on the road Slamet Riady , Village Watuliandu , Kolaka , Southeast Sulawesi sold out on fire , Saturday ( 03/05/2014 ) . The fire sparked public panic because Kolaka burning house located in densely populated areas .

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Alleged while the fire was triggered by an electric short circuit . ” From the direction of the fire appears behind the pack . We had expected due to a short-circuit , ” said Yus , an eyewitness who was also a local resident , Saturday ( 03/05/2014 ) .

Two fire trucks and a number of other cars from the Police Kolaka and taps were deployed to extinguish the flames . Residents around the site also helped tame the fire .

" We remove all the stuff at home that is close to the fire , do not let the fire spread , especially the hot sun can also be a major trigger fires back , " shouted one resident .

As a result of the fire continues to grow , the two houses next to it also burned in the kitchen and roof . But fire can be extinguished so soon engulfed not to the other two parts of the house .

" Luckily the wind was not blowing to the north . If blowing to the north , definitely the Regent Kolaka also burned because it was only a distance of less than 50 meters. Fortunately also quickly doused the fire , sir , "said Hasnur , residents Watuliandu .

There were no fatalities in this incident , but the loss is estimated at tens of millions of dollars .


Concerned about the fate of Indonesian Farmers Jokowi

Presidential candidate of the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle ( PDI - P ) , Joko Widodo , Indonesian farmers expressed concern at the time visited the office of the Indonesian Farmers Union ( SPI ) , in Mampang , South Jakarta , Thursday ( 01/05/2014 ) .

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Jokowi also wanted to get suggestions and feedback related to the problems faced by farmers in Indonesia . ” Especially the real issues of land , customary land , and how many millions of land earmarked for farmers , ” said Jokowi .

According to Jokowi , there are several food security issues that must be resolved . Looking ahead , he said he did not want anymore no agricultural land converted to settlements , such as for home , industrial , and mining .

Jokowi wanted agricultural land was used for agricultural products , such as rice , tubers , and sago . Furthermore , Jokowi explained , Indonesian farmers burdened by imported agricultural equipment , ranging from chemical fertilizers , pesticides , seeds up .

Imported products are expensive , he said , farmers difficult . According to Jokowi , escort and government guidance is needed to resolve the issue .

" The farmer can produce their own fertilizer , so we do not need to add the cost of production , as well as pesticides . Government should give guidance to the farmers , the problems that we see , " said the alumnus of the Faculty of Forestry of the University of Gadjah Mada .

Furthermore , Jokowi criticize agricultural infrastructure to increase every year , such as the lack of construction of new dams and tertiary irrigation canals . According to him , Indonesia has the potential to have 60 dams from Sabang to Merauke . So far, said Jokowi , the Indonesian government is not focusing on the infrastructure for the farmers .

Another thing that was highlighted Jokowi is access to capital for farmers . Jokowi explained that Indonesia should have a bank farmer . Lastly, he also highlighted the lack of question -focused market to sell the products of farmers . The market is important for farmers to distribute their products so as to meet their daily needs .

" We need concrete steps now . Upland it should be planted with corn and sago . Cow - cow too much fat , I like baseball , " said Jokowi laugh .