Routine Control of Hypertension Patients Need to Doctors

For hypertensive patients is highly recommended for routine control of a doctor . However, there are some patients who actually perform independently control and never saw a doctor at all . So , is this risky ?

Internal Medicine Physician Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital ( RSCM ) , Dr . M. Ikhsan Mokoagow , SpPD , M.Med.Sci said , for patients adherent drug , controlled , and all recorded properly , then it will not be a problem . But , it’s worth every three to six months , or at the latest during the year , must conduct a re-examination .

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"Who knows the side effects of the drug , if it does not perform laboratory tests ? For example , people with hypertension at some point there is renal impairment . Laboratory examined Otherwise , we will never know , " said Ikhsan in the ’ Important Factors in Successful Treatment Compliance Disease Treatment chronic ’ Sweet Sere , Jakarta , Tuesday ( 05/15/2014 )

Ikhsan added , this is where the role of each partner physicians and patients . Therefore , there are patients who experience swelling , but take them for granted . In fact , what happened is a side effect of the drugs consumed . If the doctors do not tell and the patient is still continuing , it will be in the patient ‘s own risk .

In the use of the drug , the patient should also know rejima of the drug itself . Ketercocokan rejima patients to drugs , depending on each individual . Not all drugs are suitable in a patient’s body , the body will fit well on patients B , C , and D.

" Rejima drug dependent individual . All depends on the patients themselves . Not all fit . Then it is better to consult a doctor to state , " said Ikhsan explained .

On that occasion , Ikhsan also explain related habits hypertensive patients who have trouble sleeping , when the blood pressure rises . According to him , a lot of factors to determine the cause of the patient can not sleep . Not necessarily , hypertension suffered a major cause .

" Perhaps the patient drink caffeinated beverages in the evening , consequently insomnia . Could also when sleeping , turned on the television to make the patient awake again . ‘s All be evaluated . Tension If unchecked, it will not happen , " said Ikhsan explained .

Ikhsan advised the patients not to associate anything with what happened at that time . Need further examination , to actually be that the main cause .

" Not necessarily because of the patient’s hypertension could not sleep . Could be as uncontrolled hypertension and he could not sleep because of other reasons , tensinya rising . Lot of attachment to a problem like this , " said Ikhsan stressed .


Hatta Central Axis Not Agree Terms

Chairman of the PAN, Hatta Rajasa not agree with the use of the term central axis. According to him, the central axis of the term used in the past that his condition was very different from today that is no longer relevant in use today.

"In the past, the president is elected Assembly. If this now, if it stands, if cooperation could remain in line lest term central axis, edge, front, back.
Everything shaft, “he said when met at the office of the vice president, Wednesday (16/4).

He questioned the intent of the term back central axis.
If the central axis of the same context as in the past, the use of the term is no longer relevant.

According to him, the parties could have joined, but not in the context of such term or past central axis.

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"What might these parties to join, say the new powers, it could happen. Everything is possible in politics, "he said.


Met with Wiranto, Ical Ensure Coalition with Hanura

Jakarta - Golkar chairman Bakrie ( Ical ) insists his party will form a coalition with the party Hanura . Golkar is also currently in the stage of serious communication with MCC .

" We ‘ve reached the level of cooperation , " said Ical in Epicentrum area , South Jakarta , Tuesday ( 04/15/2014 ) .

Ical communication dilukukannya explain not only limited to Hanura . He also was not too pressed for time to make political deals with other parties .

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" There should not be undue undue , the head should be quiet , " he said .

Ical admitted to speak with coriander Hanura Wiranto on Indonesia in the future . During the meeting , both agreed that the government should not be dominated by a particular group .

"The government is doing leadership for the entire people of Indonesia , " he said .

Related coalition with PKS , Ical calls currently in the stage of serious communication although a deal has not been reached as to Hanura .

" Not with the MCC , but also with the other party . Unethical discussed , " said Ical .


DPW Chairman of MCC Admits His party Melorot Voice in Jakarta

DPW PKS chairman Nurdin Jakarta Congratulations acknowledge their voting results decreased in the 2014 election . MCC Capital ‘ve done certainly count (real count) of the witnesses MCC in tens of thousands of polling stations in Jakarta .

" We have entered the real data count 80 percent , a result of our acquisition of 11 per cent range , it has not entered all , we wait , is not there some polling stations also repeated , " he said when contacted City News , Sunday ( 04/13/2014 ) .

According to him , the sound of 11 percent for the City Council seat on the Election DKI is the sound of 2012, when MCC nominate Hidayat Nurwahid became Governor of Jakarta . In the 2009 local elections , the PKS gained 18 percent of the vote in Jakarta .

" We managed to maintain our current sound Election , has a maximum cadres to work , but yes very dynamic political name , large parties can be decreased , we congratulate the PDI-P Jakarta , " said Chairman of Commission B of the City Council .

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Nurdin said , of the 18 members of the City Council in the period 2009-2014 will decline to about 11 people in the period 2014-2019 . According to Nurdin , the factors that decrease the desirability MCC among other phenomena in the Governor of DKI Jakarta Jokowi . Then the effects of negative imaging MCC at the national level , such as cattle import corruption case , and others .


Stock Exchange: JCI connectedness spontaneous post-election reaction

Indonesia Stock Exchange ( IDX ) considered that the composite stock price index ( CSPI ), which was corrected in a spontaneous reaction of investors because the Legislature based on the result of the General Election fast count beyond expectations .

" The decline in the index IDX spontaneous reaction of investors yesterday just as the results of legislative elections no dominant political party , " said President Director of IDX Ito Warsito on Friday .

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According to him , the absence of political parties that won a dominant voice creates uncertainty among investors in the capital markets in response to the political atmosphere in the future .

" But investors should be realistic , the coalition can not be avoided , it is a natural thing , " he said .

Ito Warsito generally believed that the BEI index will keep moving up . In previous election years such as in 2004 and 2009 BEI index also experienced growth .

"Today , the index IDX is back moving up , " he said .

At first stock trading session , BEI index closed up by 21.11 points or 0.44 percent to 4786.83 . While in the morning , BEI index opened down 31.42 points, or 0.66 percent, to 4734.31 .

Separately , analysts Valbury Asia Securities , Alfiansyah said sentiment legislative elections , making market participants will continue to address the developments related to plan a coalition between the political parties to reach the threshold 20 percent of the seats in the House of Representatives and the president carries the Waki presidential elections on July 9 .

Of the Indonesian economy , he added , also remains relatively stable and even a chance to improve following the 2014 current account deficit target below 3.0 percent of gross domestic product ( GDP ) and a surplus of foreign capital inflows remain large .

" BEI index is expected to move vary , " he said .


Twitter to foster conditions in Syria

Hashtag # SaveAleppo used by many parties in the world to raise awareness about the worsening situation in Aleppo , Syria .
Since the campaign began the day Friday, April 4 almost 120 thousand of tweets using the hashtag # SaveAleppo and # Save_Aleppo .

Thousands story on Facebook and over 35 thousand people like the page Save Aleppo made ​​activists of opposition supporters .
Users are encouraged to put photos and videos from Aleppo to underline how bad things are there .
Most images are placed showed collapsed buildings and injured residents .

" Very sad , " said Natacha Draghi Belgian population derived from the largest city of Aleppo in Syria , northwest of Damascus .
"I saw a picture of damage and I can not understand it , " Draghi said one of so many Syrians change Twitter and Facebook profile photos into pictures of their " Save the Aleppo " green .
Support also came from various countries in the world including Egypt , Sweden , Germany and Turkey .

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Click over 100,000 people have died since fighting broke out in Syria more than three years ago and led to over a million people displaced .


Candidates seek Position, Will not Golkar coalition with PDI-P

Political observers State Islamic University ( UIN ) , Pangi Syarwi Chaniago , predicts Golkar will not move closer to the real count PDI after the legislative elections of the General Election Commission ( KPU ) announced .

Golkar , said Pangi , tend to move closer to the middle of the party against PDIP .

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" My guess , Golkar presidential candidate would still file a coalition with the party ‘s own medium as it did in the 2009 election candidate to compete against the champion of the PDIP . Golkar party who do not want to sweat and fight from the start in the presidential coalition , " said Pangi when talking with Okezone , Wednesday ( 04/09/2014 ) night .

In addition, continued Pangi , during the Golkar party has always been decisive in parliament . In a presidential system , Pangi said , it requires a strong coalition in parliament so that on polling day they will always win and the ruling government work is not compromised .

" Golkar was like a very pretty girl who contested in parliament . Let us imagine if Golkar coalition in parliament with the obvious PDIP program , the government ran smoothly , " he said .

" During the Golkar party has always been decisive in parliament . Golkar will prepare both a strategy how to build a coalition in parliament with the proviso yes they go to cabinet ministers , " he said .

As is known , in any pascapemungutan quick count votes for the legislature , the vote Golkar always stick strictly to the PDIP . While permanent Gerindra also came in third followed by PKB and Democrats .


Natural Damage Allegedly MH370 Navigation

Director of the Institute of Navigation Safety Housing organizer Indonesian Air Navigation Services , Vishnu Dardjono , argued the cause turned him Malaysia Airlines MH - 370 from the Vietnamese border to Indonesian Ocean due to electronic fault . ” Most likely the communication and navigation system damaged , ” said Vishnu to Tempo , Friday, March 28, 2014 .

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According to Vishnu , the very strong possibility if the motive alleged terrorist hijacking and attempted suicide pilots can be ignored . Because similar events have occurred in Indonesia . Boeing 737-300 belonging to Adam Air flight from Jakarta to Makassar in South Sulawesi, instead targeting till Tambolaka Airport , West Sumba , East Nusa Tenggara ( NTT ) on February 11, 2006 . ( Read : Radar Info MH370 Perhaps Deliberately Hiding ) .

Based on the results of the investigation the National Transportation Safety Commission , cause damage in the Adam Air navigation systems . In that incident , fortunately pilots , cabin crew and passengers survived . “If the damage is dangerous navigation , the pilot did not know where the direction of the goal , ” he said . ” Just imagine that aircraft should fly to the Northeast , instead of flying to the East until Tambolaka . ” ( Read : MH370 Open Old Wounds Victims of Piracy MH653 ) .

He was aware of this possibility can be broken by the fact that the Boeing 777 - 200ER aircraft belonging to the latest release . Especially well-known manufacturer Boeing produce a quality product . ” But right engine of human creation , possible damage could have happened, did not mean to doubt the production of Boeing , ” he said . ( See also : Is this the MH370 Route Before Disappearing ? ) .

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Saturday, March 8, 2014 , MH - 370 aircraft that had been due to fly from Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia to Beijing China disappeared . Reports the last communication radar and aircraft flying in the airspace of the Vietnam - Malaysia border . A total of 227 passengers and 12 crew were reported missing . After three weeks of fruitless search , the Malaysian government declared Indonesia MH370 fall in the Southern Ocean and none of the surviving passengers .

source:http://www. tempo .co/

Hutan ek gabus ditemukan di Spanyol

Hutan ek gabus ditemukan di Spanyol , Portugal , Italia, Perancis dan Afrika utara . Ek gabus adalah pohon cemara , dapat tumbuh hingga 20 meter tingginya dan memiliki tebal , kulit sangat bergerigi yang dipanen sebagai gabus . (see also: obat burung spektra)

Menariknya ini tidak merusak pohon , kulit yang memperbaharui dirinya sendiri . Jadi itu adalah contoh sempurna dari sumber daya alam benar-benar berkelanjutan .

Ek gabus fakta : 

Bangsa Romawi digunakan gabus ek untuk pelampung di jaring ikan setelah mereka menemukan kulit bisa mengapung
Dalam gabus abad ke-21 banyak digunakan untuk produksi botol anggur gabus
Pohon ek gabus hidup antara 150 dan 250 tahun
Pohon adalah komponen penting dari habitat Montado Portugis - rumah bagi lynx Iberia
Ancaman : petani menghapus pohon gabus tua untuk menanam jeruk , karena penurunan permintaan global untuk gabus
Fauna & Flora International ( FFI ) bekerja sama dengan organisasi konservasi lokal dan pemilik tanah untuk mengamankan dan mengelola sabuk lahan yang meliputi hutan oak cork di selatan Spanyol dan Portugal . (see also: vitamin burung)

Bidang yang penting dari habitat alam akan memberikan koridor yang cukup besar untuk mendukung populasi yang layak dari lynx Iberia terancam .

source:http://www. fauna-flora .org/

Haze Makin Concentrated in West Sumatra, 100-800 Visibility Meter

The Meteorology , Climatology and Geophysics ( BMKG ) Ketaping , Padangpariaman District , West Sumatra ( West Sumatra ) , reported the haze that blanketed the province increasingly concentrated . As a result , visibility is more limited, only about 100 meters to 800 meters . (see also: pakan burung)

Analyst forecasts Padang BMKG Irawady Rendy said , the day before the maximum viewing distance of 900 meters , this time is reduced to 800 meters due to smog thickness increases.

In fact , he added , the current visibility in Payakumbuh reported only 100 meters , 200 meters Bukittinggi , Sicincin 500 meters , 800 meters Padangpanjang , and Padang range of 600 to 700 meters .

Meanwhile , visibility at Minangkabau International Airport in Padangpariaman reported to be around 800 meters . This figure is still considered safe for flight activity

" The increase in the thickness of the haze caused by winds blowing from the northeast to the west causing the smoke of the fires in Riau slams into the West Sumatra , " said Rendy in Padang , on Tuesday ( 03/11/2014 ) .

Handling smog that blanketed some areas of West Sumatra depends on the efforts made in Pekanbaru . Besides the weather in West Sumatra in the next few days is expected cloudy and there is only a small potential for rain with light intensity .

Rendy urged people still urged to wear masks while traveling in order to avoid the impact of smog .

Smog that blanketed some areas of West Sumatra monitored since the morning , look in the white shadow visibility of 500 meters . On the road in Padang since seen most of the riders in the morning turn on the lights of vehicles due to limited visibility .

Ikhwatul Khairiyah ( 32 ) a resident Indarung decided to dismiss school child in kindergarten avoid the smog impact for children .

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He hopes Padang City Department of Education policy to dismiss students make . ” Because of the thickness of the haze is getting worse and dealing harmful to health , ” said Ikhwatul .